05 January 2012

question of the year

 how do



experimental poems that appeal

to people

outside of the avant-garde poetry community?

no, seriously.



Developing Diplomat said...

They(the poems)'ve got to have some strong significance or practical effect on how people look at life – causing people to question their own assumptions and norms. They've got to be somewhat uncomfortable but not so much so that they turn people off. It's a balance where you have to state the 'elusive obvious,' appealing to both high intellect and primal emotion - not just to artistic sensibilities. I think a lot of the stuff found in Adbusters magazine does this well.

It's a process of tearing down the old pop culture and creating anew.

People are starting to listen to protest songs again.

It's something to meditate on. How does poetry help people to profoundly relate to each other?

It should create community. People are craving a sense of community.

The new art has to get in peoples’ hands, and in order for that to happen, they have to let go of their culture of distraction. I think the artist and poet, besides the prerogative to instigate new thought, is meant to reflect and respond to the greater social dialogue in a way that lets it evolve towards enlightenment.

I hope this helps a bit. Maybe there's something there to chew on.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about poetry, but I read your blog, and I enjoy it.
You have a way with words that makes everyday life seem a bit magical.

Developing Diplomat said...

We share our gifts with the community. Make less distinction between the avant-garde poetry community and people outside of it. There is ONE community. We are one people with a common human experience, a common evolution, a common ecology. To quote a quote that you quoted: "The only thing we have to do for each other is to say it as it is." Poetry is in the streets...words can help build bridges between us, invisible and beyond time and space. This is a beautiful gift.

Maya Weeks said...

yes, this is the kind of dialogue i am hoping to generate!

Stacy said...

I always had this same problem Maya. I'd pass on my poetry for reveiw to friends and they just didn't get it. I had a few boyfriends who got it - or maybe they were just saying they did ;)

Gorgeous photos. I love your outfit. I look forward to watching what you do with your hair as it grows - hang in there!

Maya Weeks said...

thanks, stacy. hey, where could i find any poems of yours?

Stacy said...

Hi Maya,

My poems are stashed away in a storage box. I pull them out every now and then with the hopes of arranging them into a book. I haven't written anything lately but I went out and bought a new journal this week so I could get started again.
I'd love to get a copy of your chapbook - if this is what they're still called. Where can I send some $ and my address?

Maya Weeks said...

email me at mayaweex at gmail dot com !
i do hope you pick up the writing again if it compels you.