03 February 2012

mudthroat poets' society chapbook 1

Nothing better than putting a first book out - except putting out a second! This time, as the first in a series of Mudthroat Poets Society chapbooks.

Unpacking this box and unwrapping this paper was such a joyful moment.

So beautiful! As things hand-letterpressed (and -bound) at the Cowell Press are. Also, I really love how my Southpaw Press circle-inside-square linocut turned out on the title page.

The culmination of an autumn of sporadic yet constant notetaking and subsequent transciption and a quick working winter in the Cowell Press has culminated in this marvelous collaborative concrete experiment between Julia Warner, printer extraordinaire, and myself.

in light of infinite plausibility and improbable juxtaposition has made its way out into the world in an edition of 50 printed on (clean) scrap paper. For although our ideas may be infinite, our resources aren't.

More - better quality - photos here on Julia's site.

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CW said...

Outstanding! Looking forward to seeing the
real thing.