28 May 2012

performance / etiquette

I've spent some time wishing poetry readings were more like shows I mean music shows I mean concerts. Wishing for more energy, less inhibition. More "edgy" content & less political correctness. More fluid boundaries between self and other: people leaning - as we do into music - into one another.

But most of the recent readings I've been to have transcended all that stuff. Lara Durback had us on the floor with all our belongings scattered at BAM. Tom Comitta's sound poems made us all forget our names if not our manners; there was a lot of squealing, snorting at his tongue-twisters. Sara Larsen, too, with her textual collection of used condoms.

Tonight at the show I was absolutely loving I found myself wishing that people would hold their applause until the end of the set, reading-style. So we could hear all the in-between.