25 November 2012

total soup day

My kneecaps are sore, that's probably a first. Two days in a row of surfing is not something my body is used to anymore!

Yesterday on my way back from Yoga Soup, a low-key but, um, rigorous Saturday morning class, I got a good look at the waves

and couldn't not get my surf stuff together & head right back down to the beach. It was small but still glassy and offshore and the water was warm, relatively. Since I was on a super responsive gun and the waves were small and I'm out of practice and my popups are weak, I wasn't really getting any waves and ended up just playing in the soup, riding whitewash.

Getting out of the water I was thinking about how I'd already had two kinds of soup in one day, and how in any case I wouldn't be eating any soup, it was too damn hot. Then my stepdad made broccoli soup for dinner.

17 November 2012

what's the difference between motion and movement?

Is it still 2012?

That's cool I need more time anyway.

I'm listening to the rain.

I'm enjoying it.

Like I never thought I would after coming back from Denmark.

I was so sick of precipitation.

Sick from precipitation.

But now.

In a drought.

Needing it.

Most of my energy is going towards thesis but this happened. Volume 2 issue 3 I think.

12 November 2012

this is a very particular kind of dance

I think that if I didn't have to have ambition the next thing I would want to do would be to move to Scandinavia and learn to make ceramics; I'd cast the hands of my friends and sculpt my own ideal bowl. So as to have something to sink my spoons into. And mugs, I would make mugs too; I could never have enough.

In the second year of my MFA people have begun to ask me if I have begun looking for teaching jobs. When I tell them I am not going to teach they ask why I'm in the MFA at all.

It's not so much a geographical thing, wanting to head north; it's more that I want to do something practical. Actually poetry is totally practical but it's the thing of wanting to make concrete things.

Even with a Ph.D it's difficult to get a job teaching at the university level, which is why the professors recommend against the doctorate unless that's the only thing you want in your life, at least for the next seven years. An MFA almost doesn't compete; even adjunct jobs are scarce and the security in adjuncting is tenuous at best.

I'm tired of always being thinking of the next thing, that's all.