25 November 2012

total soup day

My kneecaps are sore, that's probably a first. Two days in a row of surfing is not something my body is used to anymore!

Yesterday on my way back from Yoga Soup, a low-key but, um, rigorous Saturday morning class, I got a good look at the waves

and couldn't not get my surf stuff together & head right back down to the beach. It was small but still glassy and offshore and the water was warm, relatively. Since I was on a super responsive gun and the waves were small and I'm out of practice and my popups are weak, I wasn't really getting any waves and ended up just playing in the soup, riding whitewash.

Getting out of the water I was thinking about how I'd already had two kinds of soup in one day, and how in any case I wouldn't be eating any soup, it was too damn hot. Then my stepdad made broccoli soup for dinner.

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